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Everything Arete does is to ensure growth for our clients’, our partners’ and our own. We are constantly investing in businesses that show great potential. We invest in business that have shown long term potential. Our end goal is to create long lasting relationships with these organizations, ultimately helping them reach greater heights.

Who are we?

Arete's investment vision is to build a portfolio of great companies across different sectors. Our team of CFAs, Engineers, CAs AN MBAs are in constant search of opportunities and are very creative in finding new deals.

What are our Investment Philosophies?

Quality of Business & Management

We invest in businesses which have good economics; sustainable and strategic competitive advantage for a long duration; and backed by good & reputed management.

Our investment horizon is long-term

We prefer to adopt the strategy of “Buy & Hold”. For this, we study the fundamentals of the company in depth, evaluate the entire ecosystem, analyse the core values, strategies & plans of management which enable future growth. We seek to gradually build a significant position in businesses which fit our mandate.

The Ownership Angle

Our approach is to estimate the owner’s earnings, and for this we first aim to understand the risks that businesses face, calculate the value based on scope and severity of probable risks.

Value Driven

Value investing is identifying companies which are priced at a significant discount to underlying business value. We look for several elements when analyzing investment ideas like current earnings, cash flow, a realistic recovery trajectory, or transformative events, either in industry structure or change of management, which will improve a company's ability to earn.


We believe that great opportunities are rare and hence we act quickly and bet big when such opportunities surface.


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